About Us

Connect Biopharma is a global, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company founded by a team with broad knowledge of the drug discovery industry and expertise in targeting immunological pathways.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients living with chronic inflammatory diseases through the development of innovative therapies derived from our T cell-driven research.

We apply our expertise in T cell biology to discover and develop investigational drug candidates with a goal to produce first-in-class or best-in-class drugs for inflammatory diseases. We are committed to building a rich pipeline of molecules to target inflammatory diseases with significant unmet medical needs and affecting millions of patients worldwide.

Our lead product candidate, CBP-201, is an antibody designed to target interleukin-4 receptor alpha (IL-4Rα), which is a validated target for the treatment of several inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis (AD) and asthma.  A Phase 2b study in AD patients showed CBP-201 achieved both primary and key secondary end points, demonstrating significant improvements in skin clearance, disease severity, and itch compared to placebo. As a result, we believe that CBP-201 has the potential to deliver fast onset and sustained improvements in clinical outcomes with a convenient dosing frequency. We have ongoing trials for CBP-201 in patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (AD) and moderate-to-severe persistent asthma with type 2 inflammation.

With operations in the United States and China, Connect Biopharma is building a rich global pipeline of molecules and antibodies targeting several aspects of T cell biology.

The exciting and diverse product development pipeline that we have established since the company was founded in 2012 evidences the power of our expertise and technology platform.