Research Assistant


职位编号Job Code: CNDD01
职位 Position: Research Assistant
部门 Department: Discovery Development
汇报关系 Reports to: Director of Discovery
办公地点 Location: Taicang

职位目标 Purpose or Objective of Position

The Research Assistant will perform relevant experimental operations to discover drug candidates that meet the goals of the company.

主要职责 Key Responsibilities

  • Follow experiment instructions provided by the research supervisor.
  • Responsible for culture amplification and freezing storage of related cell lines.
  • Responsible for preparation of early animal immune antigens for antibody new drugs, humanization of antibodies and optimization of affinity maturation.
  • Use prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, including plasmid construction and strain transformation; establishment of strain library; in vitro protein production.
  • Use protein purification process to purify and produce related proteins.
  • Construction of some mutations in the study of antigen-antibody binding epitopes, production of mutant proteins, etc.
  • Support the writing of documents for reporting or IND submitting, literature collection and data review, etc.
  • Data management: drafting protocol, collect and manage the data timely and accurately according to the study requirements, briefly analyze data, drafting report. Strictly follow the company’s standard operation procedure.
  • Make all the original records in the experiment process; complete other work assigned by the leader.


  • Complete related investigation works and submit high quality summary.
  • Complete the construction of related mutations, protein production, etc.
  • Complete the experimental task assigned by the leader.



支持部门Support Areas:


职位要求Job Requirements:


  • Undergraduate degree or above in immunology, molecular biology, bioengineering pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, microbiology and other related majors.


  • Prior work in research and development of new drugs
  • Familiarity with lab bio-assay techniques, DNA/RNA extraction, cell culture, ELISA, protein expression and purification, molecular clone and other experimental operation skills.
  • Ability to collect, manage and analyze experimental data, drafting protocols and reports.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and teamwork skills.
  • Familiar with office software such as Microsoft Office
  • Solid English reading and writing skills.

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